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Expanding Your Possibilities

Expanding possibilities at Temple Health

To Find Better Options for Our Patients, It Takes Temple Health

Temple Health physicians and scientists are finding innovative solutions to treat complex conditions, create better options and develop next-generation treatments. Find out how Temple Health is helping more patients live better lives.

More Options and Better Outcomes for COPD

Temple Health is a national training site for the treatment and management of COPD. Temple physicians continue to advance the standard of care for those living with COPD, helping patients find more options to breathe better.

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Best-in-Class Robotic Approach for the Future of Spine Surgery

Leading the region with state-of-the-art approaches to robotic spine surgery, Temple physicians are performing more minimally invasive and precise surgeries, helping patients achieve their best outcomes sooner.

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Improving Maternal Health Outcomes Across the Region — and World

Temple Health is dedicated to reversing the trend of poor maternal and women’s health outcomes in the region and across the country. Our Women & Families Hospital will be the Philadelphia area’s only hospital exclusively dedicated to women’s and families’ health. This means developing an equitable model for ensuring healthy parents, babies, and pregnancy outcomes.

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A Bold Approach to Lung Cancer Detection

Seeing an opportunity to make lung cancer screenings go further, the Temple Healthy Chest Initiative employs dedicated nurse navigators who go the extra mile to support patients through any results their scans may reveal, and help ensure they get the resources needed.

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Innovative Solutions to House Our Community

Knowing that stable housing is one of the most impactful social determinants of health, Steven Carson, MHA, BSN, RN, began an initiative to address homelessness within the Temple community—and the impact is astounding.

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Promising Immunology Research Reaches Patients Through Clinical Trials

After promising findings of potential synergistic effects of combining immunotherapy with an existing cancer drug, Fox Chase Cancer Center research has inspired a new clinical trial for patients with melanoma.

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Temple Invention Treats Dangerous Blood Clots

Dissatisfied with current treatments for DVT and PE, Dr. Riyaz Bashir designed a new solution that uses a specialized catheter and the body’s own blood to dissolve clots much more quickly and with less medication than current methods.

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National Leader in Lung Transplantation

Over the past 7 years, the Temple Lung Center has performed more lung transplants than any other hospital in the country. We're also one of the first to transplant a patient with post-COVID lung failure.

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Research Advances Are Giving Hope to Patients with ALS

The Temple MDA/ALS Center of Hope is a national leader in helping people with ALS and other neuromuscular diseases manage their condition, offering specialized care and clinical trials not found at most hospitals.

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Developing New Lung Treatments

A recognized leader in the development of new pulmonary therapies, Temple physicians have led the development of a breakthrough treatment option for patients with severe emphysema.

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Leading the Fight Against COVID-19

While managing some of the highest COVID-19 volumes in Philadelphia, Temple’s medical team has simultaneously achieved survival rates far better than the national and regional averages.

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Largest CTEPH Program in the Eastern U.S.

Attracting patients from across the country, Temple is delivering the cure for a rare form of pulmonary hypertension called CTEPH.

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Leading Pulmonary Research

Through extensive collaboration with research colleagues throughout the country, Temple is a national leader in helping patients with lung disease live their healthiest lives.

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Leading the Nation with Advancements in Robotic Surgery

Temple robotic surgeons are making it possible for more patients to receive livesaving therapies after being told they were out of options.

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Curing a Rare Airway Disorder

Adult patients who are suffering from tracheobronchomalacia (TBM) — a collapse of the windpipe and bronchial tubes — can find expertise at Temple, a destination center for this rare condition.

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Groundbreaking Research to Eradicate HIV

Temple researchers are leveraging CRISPR technology that may be an effective pathway to ridding people infected with HIV of the virus without harming them.

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Treating the Region's Most Critical Patients

Over 200 hospitals throughout the region depend on Temple to care for their most critically injured and sick patients.

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The Region's Most Experienced Burn Center

For over 20 years, Temple has been the regional leader in providing burn care for the most serious burns.

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Empowering Healthier Cities with Lifesaving Research

Physician-researchers at Temple Health and the Lewis Katz School of Medicine are working to enhance public understanding of firearm violence to promote lifesaving policies and programming across the region. 

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About Temple Health

While providing the most advanced treatment options, Temple continues to rank first in measures of health equity with the Lown Institute and is named among the best-in-state employers by Forbes. 

To provide excellent care and advance healthcare careers, it takes Temple Health.