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Supply Chain Services

About Our Department

The Supply Chain Services department will maintain at all times, and under all conditions, a continuous supply of goods and services necessary to support the mission of Temple University Health System. Supply Chain Services give prime consideration to the Health System’s interests while seeking to maintain and to further the long-term, mutually profitable, supplier relationships. 

This includes to:

  • ENSURE the uninterrupted flow of quality goods and services, procured at the lowest real cost to the Health System.
  • NEGOTIATE robust contracts to include maximum value for every entity within the Health System.
  • DEVELOP reliable alternate sources of supply to meet Health System requirements.
  • TREAT all prices and technical information submitted by suppliers as confidential in order to preserve a good business reputation and obtain competitive prices.
  • COMPLY, in all respects, with the laws and policies applicable without qualifications or evasion.
  • PURCHASE materials and services for the Health System’s use at the maximum end-user value per dollar spent.
  • RESOLVE complaints on all purchased goods and services.
  • PROVIDE leadership in the standardization of materials, supplies, equipment, service and procedures throughout the Health System enterprises.

New Vendor Requirements

Once in receipt of the information, your company will be considered to participate in future Request for Proposals (RFP), new supply/service contracts and/or competitive bids.

Supplier Diversity

Temple University Health System is committed to providing an equal opportunity for all businesses to compete for and be awarded contracts for goods and services we purchase. We are dedicated to building relationships with minority, women, LGBTQ and veteran-owned businesses. 

Vendor Access

Temple University Health System has instituted a vendor check-in and management application to manage vendor relationships, including credentialing and certification process, scheduling, tracking and reporting. Vendors should apply for clearance through Green Security (www.greensecurityllc.com).

Conflict of Interest

The procurement decision making should be free from influence created by improper financial relationships with, or gifts provided by, industry entities and their representatives doing business with Temple Health.

Contact Us

Email Supply Chain Services or call us at 215-707-0047.