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Empowering Healthier Cities with Lifesaving Research

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In the United States, firearm violence continues to be a complex public health issue impacting countless lives each and every day. At Temple, one surgeon-researcher is taking an innovative approach to studying and informing media reporting approaches on firearm violence that can save lives.

Educating the Public through Broader Narratives

Temple surgeon-researcher Jessica H. Beard MD, MPH, FACS, Associate Professor, Surgery, Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University and Director of Research for The Philadelphia Center for Gun Violence Reporting conducted a research study, supported by the Stoneleigh Foundation, to investigate the perspectives of firearm-injured people on news reports of their injuries. 

This research provided insights to promote safety for individuals affected by firearm violence by reviewing the impact of certain information included in reports. It also identified the need for alternative reporting approaches that humanize firearm-injured people and their loves ones, enhance accuracy, and empower safer cities through education about underlying causes and solutions for firearm violence.

Media Approaches to Support Safer Cities

Equipped with insights from her research, Dr. Beard partners with journalists and community members impacted by firearm violence to advance the most ethical, empathetic and impactful reporting possible in Philadelphia and beyond. In fact, these insights have been incorporated into a novel training course for journalists to understand safer, prevention-focused reporting.

This work continues to inform best practices for reporting on firearm violence and is helping to increase awareness of this public health issue—while identifying evidence-based solutions that can save lives.

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