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Lung Center

Lung Center Patient Care

Every member of the Temple Lung Center is passionate about helping their patients breathe easier and live a more active, healthy life. Our experienced medical professionals take time to get to know their patients personally, designing treatment plans that are customized for the best chance of success. These professionals work as a team to ensure that the appropriate diagnosis has been made and the best approach to treatment is being pursued.

Conditions Treated

The list of lung conditions treated at the Temple Lung Center ranges from the most common to the most complex. Within the Lung Center are a number of specialized programs and centers that focus on specific diseases, providing highly-focused, personalized care for patients with these conditions.

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Treatment Options

The Temple Lung Center's long-standing programs in pulmonary medicine and thoracic surgery have positioned it at the forefront of the field. Patients at the Lung Center can benefit from its world-class physicians and significant investments in state-of-the-art technologies and innovation. Taken together, these help patients access the full range of diagnostic and interventional approaches.

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Centers & Programs

Temple has a number of centers and programs that are dedicated to specific lung diseases and conditions. Each center has a medical team that is specially trained to diagnose and treat each disease. This concentration of knowledge and teamwork ensures that patients receive the highest level of care for their specific condition.

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Search Clinical Trials

The Temple Lung Center is one of the largest centers of lung disease research in the United States and is a leader in offering innovative clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies that test new ways to detect, diagnose, treat and prevent disease. Participating in a clinical trial may give patients with complex lung disease access to new therapies that are not commonly offered at most hospitals.

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Patient Resources

You may have questions about your lung condition and how it’s being treated at Temple. Although you can always ask your doctors and nurses any questions you have, other questions may come to mind when you’re not at Temple.

To provide you with answers and information when you need it, the Temple Lung Center offers the following patient resources, including information on lung disease, a list of support groups, and links to additional medical information.

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Breathing Buddies Program

Breathing Buddies is a community for Temple Lung Center patients and caregivers who are facing similar situations and seeking opportunities for support and engagement.

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