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Occupational Lung Disease Program

If you have been exposed to harmful substances at work, it is important to take steps to protect your lung health. If you are experiencing breathing problems, it is even more critical to obtain a diagnosis and receive specialized care. The specialists in Temple’s Occupational Lung Disease Program have extensive experience helping patients with many types of workplace-related lung disease. They provide accurate, largely non-invasive diagnosis of occupational lung disease, as well as treatment and screening for patients to help them stay healthy.

Accurate Diagnosis Is Key

Too often, occupational lung disease is misdiagnosed as a different lung disease, resulting in ineffective treatment, health risks, and stress for patients. The specialists in this program are passionate about helping patients to live healthier lives by providing accurate diagnoses of the various forms of the disease. Once diagnosed, most patients undergo regular lung function testing and lung cancer screening to ensure that any worsening or complication of the condition is recognized and treated early.

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