Lung Center

Lung Nodule Clinic

Lung nodules are small masses in the lungs that appear as abnormal spots or shadows in X-rays or other imaging tests. They are relatively common, and most are benign. However, some lung nodules are cancerous, and can be more effectively treated the earlier they are detected. For this reason, it is important that lung nodules are carefully examined and monitored.

At the Temple Lung Center, patients receive care at a dedicated lung nodule clinic. Physicians in the lung nodule clinic diagnose and monitor lung nodules using imaging scans, working closely with thoracic surgeons and lung cancer specialists to provide complete diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment. This means if a lung nodule patient is found to have cancer, they can be seen quickly by experienced oncologists in Temple’s lung cancer program, who work closely with the lung nodule team. Patients who are found to have other lung conditions, such as interstitial lung disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can also be quickly referred to Temple Lung Center physicians who specialize in these diseases. Lung nodule clinic physicians also work closely with referring physicians, who may send patients for specialized diagnostic procedures and monitoring. Using this multidisciplinary approach, the lung nodule clinic at the Temple Lung Center aims to help patients get a diagnosis and appropriate treatment or monitoring quickly and easily.