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Sarcoidosis Program

Sarcoidosis is a complex disease that can involve many organs in the body, including the heart, liver, kidney, brain, eyes, skin and muscles, among others. In at least 90% of cases, sarcoidosis affects the lungs, called pulmonary sarcoidosis. There is currently no cure for sarcoidosis, and its symptoms and severity can vary widely among patients.

People with sarcoidosis are best treated at a hospital that sees a high number of cases, and one that has a wide range of experienced medical specialists. The Sarcoidosis Program at the Temple Lung Center offers both, as well as the latest medications and therapies. We're also recognized as a Sarcoidosis Center of Excellence.

At Temple, patients benefit from the knowledge of specialists who work as a team to control sarcoidosis symptoms and protect a patient’s overall health. These specialists have experience with the most advanced treatment options. Temple also has one of the most active lung transplant programs in the nation — an option for patients with severe sarcoidosis.

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