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At the Temple Lung Center, we offer 2 FDA-approved endobronchial valves for performing bronchoscopic lung volume reduction — the Zephyr® valve and the Spiration® valve. Both valves have been proven effective for patients with severe emphysema. Additional devices are currently being tested as part of clinical trials.

BLVR techniques

COVID-19 Resources

To support our partners and colleagues in this unprecedented time, we share our insights and resources, including the latest COVID-19 research and clinical trials, news and patient education materials.

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On Becker’s Healthcare Podcast, Gerard Criner, MD, FACP, FACCP, discusses how Temple Health is approaching the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing patient hesitancy and their strategy to lung cancer care.

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Physician Liaison Service

The Temple Lung Center’s dedicated key account managers are always available to assist you with the needs of your patients requiring specialty services or advanced care.

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Education & Events

The Temple Lung Center provides excellent continuing education to physicians and other healthcare professionals to facilitate the delivery of enhanced patient care and outcomes.

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Refer a Patient

Physicians at the Temple Lung Center welcome the opportunity to work with referring physicians to provide advanced pulmonary care.  We make it easy for physicians to schedule a patient appointment or to transfer a patient to our hospitals.

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Featured Clinical Trials for Chronic Bronchitis and COPD

Temple Lung Center is leading the development of novel therapies that may soon change how patients are treated, helping to significantly reduce symptoms and dramatically enhance their quality of life.

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Emergency and Transfer Services

One call to Temple Transport Team will begin the expedited process of transferring your patients and accessing a specialty team focused on maintaining critical care during transport.

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Join Temple Health

This is one of the most dynamic periods in the history of the Temple Lung Center.  If you are interested in being part of an institution that is increasingly renowned for high-quality care, unsurpassed clinical training and superlative research, Temple is for you.

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