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Lung Center

Allergies Program

There are many different symptoms of allergies, ranging from annoying itchy eyes to life-threatening anaphylactic reactions. People with allergies may feel like they have to simply endure their persistent symptoms, but with the advancements made in allergy treatment, this is no longer the case. The physicians at Temple’s Allergy Program are not only using cutting-edge new allergy therapies, they are involved in developing new treatments with their extensive clinical trial program.

The Allergy Program at Temple provides a high standard of care to allergy patients. Temple allergists go beyond treating the symptoms of allergies by often being able to identify their cause. Patients who have not responded well to standard therapies may undergo advanced gene expression testing. Through this testing, allergists can often find the cellular process that is responsible for an individual’s allergies and therefore prescribe personalized therapy, targeted directly for the patient’s particular make up.

Temple’s allergists work closely with physicians in other specialties at Temple and with primary care physicians to ensure patients receive consistent, quality care.