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Airway Disorders Program

When you are having difficulty breathing, it’s important to find out the cause (or causes) quickly, so that you can receive effective treatment. Because the cause of breathing difficulties may be complicated, the experienced physicians within Temple Lung Center’s Airway Disorders Program examine the patient as a whole. Using a range of tests performed in Temple’s dedicated pulmonary function testing lab, the doctors at the Airway Disorders Program work together to reach an accurate diagnosis for each patient.

Temple’s doctors use a multi-disciplinary approach in both diagnosing and treating patients with airway disorders. This means patients benefit from the knowledge of a variety of specialists including pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, interventional radiologists, and ear nose and throat specialists. This approach often leads to a more accurate diagnosis, which means a more effective and individualized treatment plan. Temple’s doctors also work with referring physicians to make sure patients are properly monitored and receive the best possible care throughout the course of their treatment.

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