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Sleep Disorders Center

When you're not sleeping well, everything feels like a struggle. Thankfully, Temple's Sleep Disorders Center provides rapid diagnosis and treatment for all types of sleep disorders, including:

High-Quality Care from Evaluation to Treatment

The Sleep Disorders Center is equipped with a team of sleep specialists with extensive experience and knowledge to provide patients with high-quality care through all stages of evaluation and treatment. From sleep studies and diagnosis, to monitoring and follow-up care, we're a large center with several attending physicians who are board-certified and fellowship-trained in sleep medicine. We can typically see patients, evaluate them, and begin treatment much more quickly than other sleep centers — sometimes within a few days.

Patients at the Sleep Disorders Center benefit from Temple’s multidisciplinary approach. This means that sleep specialists work closely with ear, nose and throat physicians, dentists, and other specialists to treat issues that can cause or contribute to sleep disorders. Our sleep doctors also work closely with the Temple Bariatric Program and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Program to provide comprehensive treatment for patients whose sleep disorders overlap with COPD or obesity.

New Contactless Sleep Study

We now offer sleep studies mailed directly to your home. The package includes a small disposable device, along with a link to a tutorial video that will guide you through the testing process. And when you're finished, you dispose of it.

All of your sleep data is then automatically uploaded through cloud technology, and sent to your Temple sleep specialist who will contact you through a telehealth appointment with your results and discuss treatment options.

For those needing CPAP therapy, a device can be sent to your home and monitored remotely by your Temple sleep specialist.

Ongoing Sleep Research

Our sleep specialists are involved in several clinical trials — for sleep treatments such as positional therapies and breathing devices, and for treatments of other conditions that can contribute to sleep disorders, such as COPD. This provides patients with the opportunity to benefit from cutting-edge therapies before they're available to the public.

Make an Appointment Today

To learn more about treatment options or to be evaluated for a sleep disorder, request an appointment or call 800-TEMPLE-MED (800-836-7536).