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Lung Center

Thoracic Surgery

The thoracic surgery program at the Temple Lung Center provides high-quality surgical care for a wide range of thoracic conditions. While the prospect of surgery can be worrisome and sometimes confusing for patients, the highly skilled surgeons in Temple’s thoracic surgery program offers patients some of the most advanced care available. Temple’s thoracic surgeons aim to provide the highest quality care, whether they are performing a pulmonary resection or lung volume reduction surgery. They are often able to use minimally invasive techniques that may help shorten recovery time, reduce pain associated with surgery, and get patients back on their feet much quicker.

Temple’s thoracic surgeons are highly experienced in state-of-the-art robotic surgery. For patients, robotic surgery often means less pain and bleeding during and after surgery, a decreased risk of complications, and faster recovery time. In addition, patients who may not be able to tolerate traditional surgery due to health conditions or other risk factors may be good candidates for robotic surgery. Our goal is to improve treatment for thoracic surgery patients.

The thoracic surgery program features a dedicated thoracic surgery floor with private rooms, on-site physical and respiratory therapy, and an appropriate nurse-to-patient ratio. Patients are given optimal support to aid their recovery following thoracic surgery, in order to promote the best possible outcome for each patient. The clinicians in the thoracic surgery program also work closely with a patient’s other care providers so that patients receive well-rounded care throughout their course of treatment.