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Chronic Bronchitis Program

Leaders in Chronic Bronchitis Care

For over 20 years, Temple Lung Center has been on the forefront of the treatment of chronic bronchitis. As one of the area’s largest dedicated programs for chronic bronchitis, Temple’s specialists provide comprehensive management of all stages of the disease.

Collaborative Care

Chronic bronchitis is a disease that is often associated with an underlying cause. The Temple Lung Center uses a collaborative approach to help patients address underlying or related issues while providing specialized treatment for chronic bronchitis and its symptoms.

For example, since one of the most common causes of chronic bronchitis is smoking, Temple’s Chronic Bronchitis Program offers smoking cessation treatments provided by experts whose focus is helping patients quit smoking, in conjunction with treatments specifically for the symptoms of chronic bronchitis itself.

Drawing on the knowledge of specialists in related treatments and conditions allows the Temple Lung Center to provide excellent comprehensive care to patients.

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