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National Leader in Lung Transplantation

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Largest Volume. Exceptional Outcomes.

The Temple Lung Center is the nation’s leader in lung transplantation — one of medicine’s most complex and challenging procedures.

Over the past 7 years, Temple has performed more lung transplants than any other hospital in the country. Temple has also achieved the best one-year survival rate in Pennsylvania as reported in the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) January 2022 report.

2015-2021 National Lung Transplant Volumes from SRTR report

Temple is a leader in accepting and transplanting patients that other hospitals have turned down. This is possible because of Temple’s more inclusive transplant criteria, including accepting patients who are older, have a high body mass index (BMI), or those with other medical issues.

Temple’s transplant team includes renowned pulmonologists and transplant surgeons. These physicians and surgeons, along with dozens of other specialists and support staff who make up the lung transplantation program, ensure Temple’s continued commitment to high-quality care and innovation.

Hope for Patients with Post-COVID Lung Failure

Most people with COVID-19 make a full recovery. For a small percentage of patients, however, the damage caused by the disease can lead to a life-threatening condition called post-COVID lung failure. For these critically ill patients, a lung transplant may be the only option.

The Temple Lung Center was one of the first in the nation to transplant a patient with post-COVID lung failure, and remains a leader today.

These surgeries are far more complex than traditional lung transplants due to significant scarring and tissue damage caused by COVID. Patients are also far weaker and in worse health prior to the transplant, making the surgery and post-transplant recovery more difficult.

Temple’s track record of success with complex lung transplants uniquely positions us to help these patients.

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