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Temple Care Integrated Network

Partnering to Achieve Better Outcomes for Our Patients

Rising costs and increasing demand make the provision of high-quality, streamlined healthcare more important than ever. Temple Health, through the Temple Center for Population Health (TCPH), is uniting with Health Partners Plans (HPP) and community-based physicians to create an integrated healthcare network in North Philadelphia.

Known as the Temple Care Integrated Network (TCIN), this incentive-based effort hinges on the sharing of data related to healthcare quality and utilization by Health Partners members. This data empowers TCIN providers and payers with the ability to better coordinate care, reduce expenses and improve the health outcomes of our mutual patients.

How Does TCIN Work?

Independent, primary care physician practices whose HPP patients also access Temple Health for services are invited into a formal partnership. The partnership includes collaboration for improvements in care delivery, including but not limited to, improved communication, transitions of care, and joint ways of addressing the significant challenges our patients face related to health and wellness. In recognition of the efforts needed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care, practices that meet the established benchmarks for healthcare quality and cost improvements will share in financial incentives.

For more information about the Temple Care Integrated Network, please contact:

Steven R. Carson MHA, BSN, RN
Senior Vice President, Population Health, Temple University Health System
CEO, Temple Center for Population Health, LLC

[email protected]