Heart & Vascular Institute

Heart & Vascular Institute Patient Care

Patients who are cared for by the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute can benefit from the broad knowledge, experience and capabilities that its caregivers offer. Here, patients benefit from a program that emphasizes disease prevention and empowerment through education. When treatment is required, the Institute offers some of the latest medical, interventional and surgical approaches for the full range of complex cardiovascular conditions. The Institute’s involvement in prominent clinical trials and ability to offer novel therapies and treatments is a draw for patients from across the region and beyond.

Conditions Treated

Leading cardiovascular specialists come together at the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute to provide exceptional care for all types of cardiac and vascular conditions. The team’s collective experience allows them to manage everything from preventive care and non-threatening arrhythmias to severe heart failure and congenital birth defects in adult patients of all ages and degrees of illness.

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Treatment Options

Temple Heart & Vascular Institute’s long-standing programs in cardiac and vascular medicine have positioned it at the forefront of the field. Patients at the Institute can benefit from its world-class physicians and significant investments in state-of-the-art technologies and innovation. Taken together, these help patients access the full range of diagnostic and interventional approaches including minimally invasive and hybrid procedures.

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Centers & Programs

Cardiovascular conditions are as unique as the patients who experience them. At Temple Heart & Vascular Institute, we take a personalized approach to treating cardiovascular problems. This includes providing patients with access to disease-specific programs that are tailored to their condition. Within each program, patients are cared for by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and other caregivers from across the Institute who diagnose and provide appropriate management for the patient’s specific problem.

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Search Clinical Trials

As a participant in many prominent clinical trials, Temple Heart & Vascular Institute is able to offer its patients access to novel treatments that may not be available through other programs. This is particularly beneficial for those patients who have not responded to traditional therapies or who are not candidates for standard treatments due to their health or other precluding factors.

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International Patients

Today it’s easier than ever to seek out the very best medical care—no matter where it is offered. Temple Heart & Vascular Institute is a member of Philadelphia International Medicine, and is ideally positioned to provide care to individuals traveling from other countries. In addition to our medical services, the Institute can connect international patients with resources for lodging, interpreter services, financial counseling and transportation. At all times, patients’ preferences, needs and values are always taken into consideration as part of their care plan, and all care is delivered in a respectful, culturally sensitive environment.

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Patient Resources

Patients will undoubtedly have questions about their cardiovascular condition and treatment over the course of their care. While we always encourage patients to share their concerns with their doctors or nurses, we recognize that sometimes questions come to mind at unlikely times. To help provide patients with easy access to the information they need, when they need it, Temple Heart & Vascular Institute has developed a library of patient resources. Within this section, patients will find disease-specific guides and a list of support groups in which patients can participate. This section also provides documents and links to national organizations serving those with cardiovascular conditions.

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