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Heart & Vascular Institute

Comprehensive Hypertension Program

Resistant hypertension – or difficult-to-control blood pressure – is a serious health concern that affects nearly 20% of patients living with hypertension. You may have resistant hypertension if you are undergoing active treatment with multiple medications and still experience high blood pressure. If left untreated, resistant hypertension can increase a person’s risk for stroke, kidney disease, and heart failure.

The Temple Comprehensive Hypertension Program takes a multidisciplinary approach to addressing hypertension, giving you access to a variety of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic treatments. Our unique collaboration of hypertension experts from a variety of specialties have one goal — to help you manage your blood pressure and take control of your health.

Experienced Multidisciplinary Team

What makes our program unique is the strong collaboration across different specialties to best determine the appropriate care plan. Many of our providers are certified specialists in clinical hypertension by the American Heart Association. These specialists use their expertise to determine the best treatment options to manage the condition.

Your provider will consider many factors to determine the best action which may include collaboration with other Temple specialists such as those in:

An In-Depth Approach to Find What’s Best for You

Hypertension can be caused by many different conditions. Temple’s Comprehensive Hypertension Program team has a wide range of experience that allows us to make an in-depth assessment to determine the best treatment option for you. Rather than relying only on in-office blood pressure readings, we offer 24-hour, at-home blood pressure monitoring. We can monitor your blood pressure throughout the day and get a clearer picture to diagnose and assess conditions including:

  • Hypertension
  • Secondary hypertension (high blood pressure that's caused by another medical condition)
  • White coat hypertension (when blood pressure readings are higher at doctor visits than in other settings)
  • Masked hypertension (when blood pressure readings are lower at doctor visits than in other settings)

Innovative Diagnosis and Treatment Options

When medication alone doesn’t effectively manage high blood pressure, it may be time to explore more advanced hypertension causes and therapies. Temple patients have access to many techniques for diagnosis and treatment:


  • Adrenal vein sampling - A procedure that measures aldosterone (a steroid hormone) from both adrenal veins to determine if excess aldosterone secretion is the cause of resistant hypertension
  • Nocturnal control of blood pressure - Nocturnal sleep studies can detect blood pressure changes at night to show a more complete picture and detect certain risk factors


  • Renal revascularization - The placement of vascular stents to resolve renal artery stenosis and cure hypertension for qualifying patients

We also provide patients with strategies that they can employ in their own homes, including blood pressure self-monitoring. Our medical assistants are trained and credentialed in optimal blood pressure recording techniques, empowering patients to accurately monitor their blood pressure when not in the office.

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