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Heart & Vascular Institute

Cardiovascular Surgery Program

The Temple Heart & Vascular Institute is home to some of the most highly respected cardiovascular surgeons in the region. The surgical team provides patients with the guidance, options and skilled care to return to their lives as soon as possible. Our facility at Temple University Hospital is equipped with leading-edge technologies, which allow us to provide some of the newest options for surgical care.

Robert Boova performing cardiac surgery

Temple cardiovascular surgeons perform routine surgical interventions as well as highly specialized procedures for patients with rare or complex heart conditions.

Experience Leads to Innovation

We perform hundreds of cardiac procedures at Temple each year. Our depth and breadth of experience mean we can help patients at high risk, or for whom traditional open surgery is not possible. Many patients can benefit from minimally invasive heart surgery, which may reduce discomfort and provide a quicker path to recovery. Temple University Hospital is one of the region’s leading centers for these procedures, whether repairing congenital defects or faulty heart valves, creating a bypass to restore blood flow to the heart, or combating dangerous arrhythmias.

Skill with Complex Care

Patients who require especially complex surgical operations, including dual-organ transplants, benefit from Temple’s cutting-edge facilities and ability to bring together skilled specialists in a wide range of fields. We are one of the region’s most experienced centers in heart surgery and transplantation, as well as minimally invasive heart procedures. Hybrid operating rooms even allow us to combine open, minimally invasive, and catheter-based procedures, reducing the need for multiple surgeries.

An Experienced Team

Our experienced surgical team is committed to providing innovative, comprehensive, and integrated care that is adaptive to each patient’s needs.