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Heart & Vascular Institute

Advanced Heart Failure, Circulatory Support, & Transplantation Program

For many heart failure patients, medications and cardiac rehabilitation programs may reduce symptoms; however, for those with advanced heart failure, an advanced intervention may be their only option. Through the Temple Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation Program, patients are offered a wide range of treatment options to help relieve their symptoms and help facilitate a longer, happier life. In 2019, Temple expanded its heart transplant criteria to help more patients qualify for this lifesaving surgery.   

We Offer Hope

Temple's Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation Program is dedicated to improving heart function and the patient’s quality of life. After a comprehensive evaluation, our team of specialists focuses on stabilizing a patient’s condition and, when indicated, then implementing newer technologies, such as ventricular assist devices (VADs) and total artificial hearts, or pacemakers, to provide viable temporary or long-term alternatives to transplantation.

When a heart transplant is required, Temple surgeons and heart failure specialists collaborate to evaluate and prepare a patient for surgery. Patients requiring biventricular support as they wait for a suitable donor heart may be offered a total artificial heart.

Leading Authorities and Pioneers

The Temple Heart & Vascular Institute is a nationally recognized leader in transplantation.

  • We were one of the first programs in the Delaware Valley to perform a heart transplant in 1984. In addition, we are the first in the region to perform more than 1,140 transplants.
  • Our specialists are pioneers in developing new therapies and enhancing care practices for our patients with advanced heart disease.
  • We have expanded our heart transplant criteria to help more patients qualify for this lifesaving surgery. This means we often accept patients other hospitals turn down for transplantation.
  • Through trials involving special surgical procedures, new transplantation techniques, stem cell and gene therapies, we are able to provide some of the most advanced evaluation and treatment to our patients.
  • Through our partnership with the Temple Center for Translation Medicine, we are dedicated to converting laboratory breakthroughs into effective, treatments for patients for heart failure in much less time than ever before.

Dedicated Multidisciplinary Team

At Temple, our specialists are committed to your care. Our dedication to each patient extends beyond the hospital, because we know that the transition home can present many challenges for patients. Our experienced heart failure nurses and nurse practitioners coordinate the entire transition process. Our patients can expect full support from our team which includes:

  • Advanced Heart Failure Cardiologists
  • Cardiovascular Imaging Specialists
  • Interventional Cardiologists
  • Electrophysiologists
  • Cardiovascular Surgeons

Meet our advanced heart failure team >

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Temple heart failure doctor Eman Hamad, MD, discusses various treatment options for patients with heart failure and explains how heart pumps work.

Video: About Heart Failure

Temple heart failure doctor, Eman Hamad, MD, provides an overview of heart failure and how it effects the body, and explains how the multi-disciplinary care provided at the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute can benefit patients.