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Heart & Vascular Institute

Advanced Heart Failure, Circulatory Support, & Transplantation Program

Temple’s Advanced Heart Failure, Circulatory Support, & Transplantation Program offers patients a wide range of treatments for conditions that lead to heart failure. Our goal is to help improve the function of your heart, diagnose and treat your condition, and relieve your symptoms so you can lead a longer, happier life.

We offer the latest advances in medical, device and surgical therapy — including heart transplantation or a heart pump — for patients who have had other treatments that are no longer effective.

In 2019, Temple expanded its heart transplant criteria to help even more patients qualify for these life-saving surgeries. Many other heart transplant centers have strict cutoffs due to age or medical conditions, but our guidelines allow us to consider each patient individually.

Our decisions are based on many factors, including your unique medical and personal history. These broader criteria mean we often accept and qualify patients who other hospitals turn down for transplantation.

Advanced Heart Failure Program

Temple’s Advanced Heart Failure Program provides quality care and diagnosis for patients with end-stage heart failure. Because advanced heart failure can lead to a life-threatening condition, seeking care from a knowledgeable and experienced center with cutting-edge technology is important to effectively manage your condition and have access to advanced treatment options when needed.

Mechanical Circulatory Support Program

Temple's Mechanical Circulatory Support Program specializes in providing the most sophisticated implantable devices for patients with severe heart and circulatory system disorders. These devices include VADS, ECMO, and total artificial heart. Our knowledgeable, multidisciplinary team is dedicated to improving your heart function and quality of life, no matter where you are in the heart transplant journey.

Heart Transplant Program

The Temple Heart & Vascular Institute is a nationally recognized leader in heart transplantation, and was the first hospital in the Delaware Valley to perform a heart transplant in 1984.

Despite taking on some of the most challenging cases, our survival rates are among the best in the country, with 85.0% of our patients with a heart transplant living with a functioning donor heart within 1 year after surgery. These outcomes are consistent with some of the leading heart transplantation centers in the nation.

Conditions We Treat

The extensive experience of Temple’s advanced heart failure team allows us to address the full spectrum of cardiac conditions leading to heart failure, including but not limited to:

Stories from Our Patients

Gerry's Story
Gerry underwent a heart transplant at Temple that saved his life. Today, he's here for moments that matter most.
Gerry underwent a heart transplant at Temple that saved his life. Today, he's here for moments that matter most.

Over 1,300 people have received a heart transplant at Temple and started living well again.

Thanks to a heart transplant at Temple, many patients are back to enjoying more fulfilling lives — from walking the dog to chasing giggling toddlers.

Here are some of their stories >

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