Heart & Vascular Institute

General Cardiology Program

Temple cardiologist Garo Garibian checking a patient

Temple Cardiologists, like Dr. Garibian, are dedicated to bringing high-quality cardiovascular care to patients throughout the Philadelphia region.

General cardiologists at the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute provide comprehensive, compassionate care for patients across the region, focused on prevention, early detection and long-term management of heart disease.

We treat patients with cardiovascular risk factors like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cigarette smoking, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, personal or family history of heart disease, and/or abnormal screening results (such as elevated coronary calcium scores).

Our cardiology team also helps patients manage heart and vascular conditions — such as atherosclerosis, heart failure, and arrhythmia — to improve their quality of life, reduce the risk of disease progression and coordinate subspecialty care with Temple Heart & Vascular Institute. We harness the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment, and our cardiologists are regularly recognized as "Top Docs" by Philadelphia magazine.

Managing Common & Complex Conditions

After conducting a thorough cardiovascular risk assessment, our cardiologists work with patients to develop plans for treatment or disease prevention. We then provide education and ongoing support and often check in via phone or Temple’s web-based monitoring program. We help patients assess their options; manage their diet, medications, and symptoms; and access other leading-edge treatments available at Temple, such as new drug therapies and minimally invasive procedures to repair heart problems.

Patient Care is a Collaborative Effort

Temple’s cardiologists work side-by-side with nurses, rehabilitation specialists, surgeons, endocrinologists, dietitians and many other specialists, all of whom are focused on improving life for people with cardiovascular disease and helping others reduce their risks.