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Heart & Vascular Institute

About the Heart & Vascular Institute

Temple Heart & Vascular Institute’s commitment to patient-centered care, research and education is changing the future of cardiovascular medicine. Here, patients benefit from the expertise of more than 100 cardiovascular caregivers who draw upon their collective experience and Temple’s vast resources to deliver outstanding, personalized care.

Through significant investments in technology, Temple Heart & Vascular Institute is providing patients with access to the newest minimally invasive procedures, mechanical assist devices, artificial hearts and advanced surgeries, including innovative hybrid procedures and transplantation.

Specialists at Temple Heart & Vascular Institute recognize the value of research in advancing cardiovascular care and incorporate the latest medical breakthroughs into their patients’ treatments.

Some heart and vascular conditions can’t be corrected through surgery. In these cases, our specialists help patients understand the complexities of their disease and the importance of adhering to their care plan so that they can enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Strength in Numbers

At Temple Heart & Vascular Institute we know that it takes a team to deliver exceptional heart and vascular care. When appropriate, patients are placed in one of the Institute’s disease-focused programs, thereby matching them with the right team for their condition.  Each program team is comprised of specialists who are at the top of their fields and include cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, vascular and endovascular as well as cardiac anesthesiologists and radiologists. Working together, these professionals leverage some of the latest research and treatments to achieve optimal results.

Driving Research

Research is at the core of Temple’s mission to its patients and is vital to the advancement of cardiovascular care. It’s a fact that our physician scientists understand and embrace in their day-to-day practice. At Temple, our specialists are conducting basic and translational research that will not only grow the cardiovascular field but answer some of the greatest medical questions that are affecting their patients. Through participation in prominent clinical trials, Temple Heart Vascular Institute is providing patients with access to the latest treatments, many of which aren’t offered by other programs.

Empowering Patients

At Temple Heart & Vascular Institute we take a patient-centered approach that combines medical know-how with teamwork across our cardiovascular specialties. Our patients are part of that team and are involved in all aspects of their care — from diagnosis and treatment decisions to post-discharge planning. To prepare our patients and their families for this role, we take the time to teach them about the many aspects of their condition and the various options available to them through our Institute. By empowering our patients with knowledge and responsibility we are helping them to take ownership for their care and improved outcomes.

A Long-Standing Tradition

Temple Heart & Vascular Institute is building upon Temple’s deep history as a leader in cardiovascular innovation and care. Over the past 60 years, our specialists have introduced many new procedures and programs to the region including implanting the first ventricular assist device as destination therapy and establishing a respected minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery program. Today we are continuing this tradition through the addition of unique and advanced surgical approaches and novel medical therapies that help patients heal faster and return to the activities they love.