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Heart & Vascular Institute

Research Focus Areas

Researchers and physicians at the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute are international leaders in the development of new therapies and technologies to treat heart disease and related conditions. Their work spans the basic science laboratories of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University to the operating rooms at Temple University Hospital.

Laboratory investigation into the cellular and molecular mechanisms of heart disease takes place in several Temple research centers. Here, scientists focus on the biology of the heart, opening doors for more effective and targeted treatments—from novel pharmaceuticals and biologicals to therapies with genes, RNA interference, stem cells, and medical devices.

In addition to basic research, the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute is also a hub of clinical trials that are testing the effectiveness of new medications, innovative surgical techniques and the latest medical devices. The Institute’s robust clinical trials program means Temple patients often have access to new therapies and devices that are not commonly available at most hospitals.

The Independence Blue Cross Cardiovascular Research Center

This consortium of basic and clinical scientists develops new knowledge that will lead to better understanding of the causes of heart disease. Their interdisciplinary collaboration helps focus basic research toward clinical challenges and enables translation of discoveries into novel approaches for the detection, treatment and prevention of serious heart disorders. Learn More.

Center for Metabolic Disease Research

Within the walls of this center, researchers study the pathological and metabolic changes caused by heart disease. The goal is to identify the cause/effect relationship between novel therapies and the pathogenesis of metabolic diseases and vascular pathologies associated with metabolic diseases. Learn More.

Center for Translational Medicine

This research center is comprised of scientists who are committed to speeding the movement of basic scientific discoveries to improved patient care and treatments. Major areas of cardiac investigation in this center include molecular pathogenesis of congestive heart failure; novel molecular therapies and biomarkers for human heart failure; cellular-based cardiac regeneration; novel ways to protect the heart after heart attack; and discovery of new drugs for cardiovascular disease. Learn More.

Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center

Named after the “father” of thrombolytic therapy, this center is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of arterial and venous thrombosis and hemorrhagic diseases. The center has traditionally concentrated on platelet cell biology and the biochemistry of coagulation proteins but has recently expanded its focus to include vascular biology and molecular biological approaches to the structure-function relationship of proteins involved in the process of inflammation. Learn More.