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Heart & Vascular Institute

Mitral Valve Disease Program

Often a mitral valve condition can go unnoticed. Over time, you may begin to experience symptoms, or your doctor may discover a problem during a routine exam. Without treatment, a mitral valve condition can lead to serious conditions such as heart failure, stroke, or sudden death. At Temple, our goal is to restore normal valve function using minimally invasive techniques as much as possible. These techniques potentially offer patients reduced time in the hospital and faster recovery periods when compared to traditional surgery.

Temple mitral valve disease specialists excel at finding solutions for patients with complex or serious valve conditions and often can offer novel therapeutic options.

Leaders in Surgical Intervention

Our team of cardiovascular specialists are leaders in minimally invasive methods of mitral valve repair, including percutaneous procedures for patients considered too high-risk for surgery. In complex cases involving mitral valve disorders along with other heart conditions, our surgeons are able to perform hybrid heart procedures in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Compassionate Care

At Temple, our cardiovascular specialists are committed to providing you with an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan. Educating each patient about their condition and treatment options is paramount to successful outcomes. You will not only receive experienced care from a multidisciplinary team of doctors, but you will also receive the information necessary to fully understand your condition, your treatment, and long-term care goals.

Patient-Centric Team

Understanding that every patient is different, our cardiovascular specialists provide you with care that is responsive to your individual needs. In addition, you will receive educational support so you can participate in your care. These dedicated specialists include:

  • Cardiovascular surgeons
  • Interventional cardiologists
  • Cardiovascular imaging specialists

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Suyog A. Mokashi, MD
December 14, 2022