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Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism conditions can range from mild hormonal imbalances to highly complex disease. At Temple Health, specialists work as a team to study, diagnose, treat and manage a full range of conditions. We combine innovative research, teamwork and technology to lead the way in this intricate area of medicine.

At Temple Health, you’ll find a high level of care for any condition. Dedicated doctors and care teams will respond to your unique and changing health care needs. Whether it's diabetes, hormonal imbalances, metabolism disorders, pituitary tumors or other disease, such as osteoporosis or thyroid cancer, you’ll find the resources you need and the personalized care you deserve.

Endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism resources at Temple Health include:

Research leadership

Care at Temple Health is guided by the latest evidence-based breakthroughs. Specialized teams study conditions such as hypoglycemia, pituitary tumors, hypothyroidism and cardiovascular endocrinology to understand disease and improve care.

Multidisciplinary teamwork

Your individualized care includes specialists in the area of care you need. We’ll enlist the right experts for specific conditions, such as lipid abnormalities, thyroid disease, bone disorders, cancer, kidney disease, surgical procedures, or managing health risks such as metabolic syndrome or obesity.

Emphasis on patient education

Endocrine disorders can be complicated. We’ll help you to understand your condition and find workable ways to keep problems at bay. Experts are available to answer your questions about your health and treatments or procedures. 

A range of testing & treatment options

The Temple endocrinology team has many tools to test for and accurately diagnose a problem, from growth disorders to autoimmune conditions. Treatment options apply the latest medical breakthroughs and coordinated care as your needs change.

Treatment Options

Treatment options vary depending on your condition and other variables. Your Temple Health doctor will evaluate your health and discuss an individualized plan. If you are diagnosed with an endocrinology, diabetes or metabolism condition, therapies may include:

  • Medication

  • Diet and lifestyle education

  • Needle aspiration of thyroid nodules (lumps)

  • Surgical procedures to treat conditions such as fractures, blockages, nodules or tumors

  • Multidisciplinary treatment of any related conditions, such as heart problems, kidney disease and osteoporosis

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