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Coronavirus Information

Visitor Restrictions at All Temple Health Hospital Campuses and Outpatient Offices

In response to the ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), flu season, and to help keep our patients, their loved ones and our workforce safe, please review our latest visitor policy information. These restrictions apply to all Temple University Hospital campuses (including Main, Jeanes, Episcopal and Northeastern), Fox Chase Cancer Center, and all Temple and Fox Chase physician office locations.

  • There will be NO inpatient visitation unless authorized by Administration. (See reasons for exception below.)
  • There will be NO in-person visitation for COVID-positive patients.
  • There will be NO visitors permitted in the Emergency Department treatment areas.
  • There will be NO visitors permitted to accompany patients to outpatient appointments unless approved by Administration. This includes the Outpatient Fetal Center.
  • Screening for COVID-19 of all visitors will occur at points of entry.
  • We are not able to accept deliveries of flowers, balloons, gift-baskets clothing, food, beverages and other household items.

Visitation Exceptions (if an exception is made, only 1 person may visit):

  • Cognitive or language impairment
  • Pediatric patients
  • Discharge teaching — must have prior approval from the clinical team
  • Palliative care consultation
  • End of life

Visitation for Maternity/Nursery Areas and Outpatient Fetal Center Appointments

  • Visitation for Women’s and Infants Division — Infant Intensive Care Nursey (IICN), 3 West and Well Baby Nursery — is limited to 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM daily.
  • IICN and Well Baby Nursery visitation is limited to mother and 1 other designated person (parent or support person) who may visit one at a time once per day.
  • Only 1 visitor may be at the bedside at a time. The 1 other designated person may wait on the 1st Floor in the hospital lobby or in their vehicle.
    • Both the mother and 1 other designated person may visit on the same day, but they must visit at different times.
    • Visitation remains to 1 visit per day per person.
  • Utilization of FaceTime/Video Chat — Due to the current visitation restrictions, we understand the use of technology to allow those close to you to see your baby.
    • You may utilize FaceTime/Video Chat when visiting your infant. However, calls must be kept to 5 minutes total.
    • Keeping the calls to 5 minutes or less will allow us to continue providing a calm and healing environment for your baby and the other babies in the unit.
    • Please discuss with your baby’s nurse prior to initiating a call to ensure adequate privacy for you and your infant, as well as the other infants and families in the unit.
  • There will be NO visitation allowed to Outpatient Fetal Center appointments.

We will continue to monitor this situation. The need for visitor restrictions will be re-evaluated regularly.

Please call 215-707-2273 if you have any questions about the visitation policy.