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Lung Center

COVID Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Clinic

New Treatment for High-Risk COVID-Positive Patients

Most COVID-19 patients will only experience mild symptoms. However, certain people are more likely to develop severe symptoms and be hospitalized, sometimes requiring intensive care and intubation. If you’ve just been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are at high-risk for developing more severe symptoms, an antibody infusion at the Temple Lung Center may help reduce your risk of developing severe disease.

At Temple, we provide several therapies that range from:

  • Monoclonal antibody therapies that were recently FDA-approved for emergency use
  • Compassionate use of monoclonal antibody therapies — this means providing access to an investigational therapy for patients who have an immediate life-threatening or serious condition
  • Access to clinical trials that are examining the use of monoclonal antibody therapies and inhaled or intravenous anti-viral treatments

Who Is Eligible for COVID Infusions?

These treatments are only available for patients who are most at risk for severe symptoms.

These treatments are also available with clinical trials using these agents in other patients with COVID who do not meet the criteria for emergency use authorization, or in rare circumstances on a compassionate basis. Learn more about available COVID-19 clinical trials.

What Should I Expect?

If you have received a COVID-positive test result and are interested in receiving an antibody infusion, you will first need to schedule an in-person or virtual visit with a Temple pulmonologist to confirm your eligibility for this treatment.

Once your doctor has confirmed your eligibility, you will be scheduled for your infusion at our COVID Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Clinic located at Temple University Hospital - Main Campus. Your doctor will determine which type of antibodies you should receive based on your health and risk factors.

Treatments at the COVID Monoclonal Antibody Infusion Clinic are given through an IV, over the course of 1 hour or so. You only need one treatment. It should take place as soon as possible after your positive test for COVID-19. Your doctor and the team at the Lung Center will determine which type of antibodies you should receive based on your health and risk factors.

We know that having COVID-19 can be frightening. Our caring and experienced staff will work to answer any questions and make your visit as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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What Other Treatments or Clinical Trials Are Available?

If you do not meet the criteria for therapies currently available under the EUA, you may qualify for a clinical trial using the same infusion agents, or in rare circumstances you may receive the therapy on a compassionate basis. Talk to your doctor to learn more about your options.

You can also learn more about enrolling in COVID-19 clinical trials at Temple >

National Leader in Clinical Research

Temple is a national leader in clinical research on lung diseases, often providing access to novel therapies and treatments not yet available at other centers. Due to our physician expertise, Temple has also assumed a leadership role in developing the latest clinical trials and investigational therapies for COVID-19.

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