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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks or side effects associated with DBS?

There is a slight 2 percent risk that deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery may cause bleeding in the brain and subsequent stroke occurring within a few hours of the procedure. There is also a 4 percent risk that infection may occur in patients who undergo this procedure. Some possible side effects include confusion, headache, seizure and hardware complications.

How long does DBS last?

The battery for a non-rechargeable transmitter in the chest or abdomen usually lasts for between three and four years. As the battery begins to wear down, patients undergo a quick, 30-minute outpatient procedure to have the transmitter replaced. After the transmitter is replaced, the patient will continue to reap benefits of DBS for years to come. 

What are the advantages of DBS?

Patients with Parkinson’s disease who undergo DBS find that the procedure reduces tremor, results in about a 50 percent reduction in medication, and improves all motor symptoms. Additionally, within two years, the initial DBS cost is often offset by medication savings.

Is there a hospital stay after DBS surgery?

After DBS surgery, most patients stay in the hospital at least overnight.

How long does it take for patients to see the positive effects of DBS?

The benefits of DBS may be observed hours or days following the procedure. The full benefits may be fully observed a few months following the surgery.

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