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COVID-19 Treatment Options

COVID-19 treatments continue to evolve as researchers learn more about the virus. While most people have mild cases of COVID, many still develop serious life-threatening symptoms.

Temple is at the forefront of COVID-19 knowledge, engaging in the latest clinical research and offering innovative treatments for those who are:

  • Not hospitalized but at risk for serious illness
  • Hospitalized and feeling the impact of the disease
  • Healthcare workers at the frontline every day
  • Recovered from COVID-19 but still experiencing symptoms

Our treatment options include:

Post-COVID Recovery Treatments

Once you recover from COVID-19, you may still have lingering or “long-haul” symptoms, such as shortness of breath, fatigue and chronic cough. Temple’s Post-COVID Recovery Clinic offers treatment and support to help you overcome the long-term effects of a COVID infection.

Our services include:

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Lung Transplant

Some patients who have had severe COVID-19 develop irreversible lung scarring that requires a lung transplant. Temple Lung Center has the largest volume lung transplant program in the country and has experience transplanting patients who have had COVID-19.

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COVID Vaccine

The first step in keeping you safe from the virus that causes COVID-19 is prevention. The COVID-19 vaccine decreases your risk of getting the virus. It also helps you from becoming seriously ill if you do get COVID-19.

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COVID Monoclonal Antibody Infusion

If you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 and are older than 65 or have chronic health conditions, you may benefit from antibody infusion. The Temple Lung Center offers several antibody therapies that help give your immune system a boost to fight off disease.

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