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To Get a Life-Saving Transplant, Ingrid First Needed to Address Other Health Problems

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After Losing Over 65 Pounds, She Is No Longer Considered High-Risk to Receive a Transplant

Ingrid C.’s health had been declining for 10 years due to Type 1 diabetes. First, she lost her vision in 2011. A diagnosis of kidney disease followed in 2013. Both were caused by the diabetes.

By 2019, Ingrid was awaiting a kidney and pancreas transplant but was considered high-risk due to her high body mass index (BMI). When her Temple transplant team recommended losing weight before having the transplant, Ingrid got right to work. But her body’s response was slow.

“I was losing weight, but I needed the transplant sooner rather than later, and my transplant doctors didn’t want to wait too long because of my worsening health,” Ingrid says. “They brought up the possibility of bariatric surgery and referred me to Dr. Soans and the team. They saw my tenacity and wanted to help me along through my journey to transplant.”

Turning to a trusted team

Ingrid met with Temple bariatric surgeon Rohit Soans, MD, who determined she was a good candidate for sleeve gastrectomy, also called gastric sleeve surgery.

During this procedure, the stomach is greatly reduced in size so it can only hold a small portion of food. Patients feel full after eating much less food and are less hungry between meals. The surgery is just one part of a comprehensive program that helps patients adjust to their new lifestyle and relationship with food, giving them the best chance at long-term success.

Unfortunately, as Ingrid was readying herself for weight-loss surgery, the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“The pandemic delayed my surgery, which was disappointing,” Ingrid says. “At that point I couldn’t walk half a block without wobbling and needing to rest. I had high blood pressure and absolutely no energy.”

Knowing the urgency of Ingrid’s condition and her need for a transplant, Dr. Soans put her on the schedule soon after the hospital started performing surgeries again. Within weeks, Ingrid had her bariatric surgery. It was a complete success.

Ingrid raves about her experience with the Temple Bariatric Program team:

The surgery went very well and Dr. Soans is amazing. His staff was so supportive throughout the process. Dr. Soans, the dietitians and the staff were available whenever I had questions. I’ve lost over 65 pounds since the surgery and am now just waiting for the call for my transplant. — Ingrid

A new life while waiting for a second chance

In addition to now being eligible for a kidney and pancreas transplant, Ingrid is able to walk for 20 minutes at a time and use her exercise bike. She also no longer suffers from high blood pressure, has greatly decreased her need for insulin, and has more energy than she’s had in years.

I'd recommend bariatric surgery to anyone struggling with co-existing conditions!

Ingrid exercising on bike

Being able to shop for clothing in smaller sizes is an added bonus.

“The support system that Dr. Soans’ team offers really sticks out in my mind. I’d recommend bariatric surgery to anyone and encourage patients to use the support that is offered and always available,” Ingrid says.

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