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How to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

If you’re working from home during social distancing, it may be a challenge to stay healthy while being productive. Don’t fall into bad habits. Try these tips for setting up your temporary home office and getting the most out of your workday.

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Protect Yourself and Relatives from the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hanging out with friends and family increases your risk for getting COVID-19. Physical distancing and staying home with only people you live with help you stay healthy. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about physical distancing.

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5 Tips to Help Older Adults Stay Out of the ER

It's more important than ever for seniors to do what they can to stay healthy as we deal with the spread of COVID-19. Here are some tips from family medicine doctor Mark Obenrader that may help seniors reduce the risk of exposure.

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Manage Your Blood Pressure to Stay Healthy and Stay Home

High blood pressure can make illness hit you harder than most. Boost your health with this checklist and avoid doctor visits and trips to the ER.

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Recovering from Bariatric Surgery: Your Questions Answered

If you’re thinking about bariatric surgery but worried about the recovery process, think again. Dr. Neil King explores some of your most common bariatric surgery recovery fears and helps you overcome them with reassuring facts.

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Living with Lung Disease? 5 Things to Know About COVID-19

A Temple nurse practitioner provides some steps to keep yourself healthy while staying connected with family and friends.

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How to Prevent Gaming Injuries

Gaming can be a fun outlet during social distancing. Be sure to take a few steps to prevent injuries while you’re beating your best score. Dr. Eric Kropf explains how.

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5 Ways to Get Your Steps in While Social Distancing

It may feel challenging to get your daily steps in during social distancing. But if you have an underlying health condition, it’s important to maintain your activity. At home or in your neighborhood, give these 5 ideas a try.

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Making the Best Food Choices During Social Distancing

It may be tempting to grab whatever’s in your pantry during social distancing. But those who’ve had bariatric surgery have unique dietary needs. Here’s how you can stay on track by choosing this not that, even while staying at home.

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