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Nursing Opportunities

Temple Nurses: Excellence, Innovation and Compassion

Nurses at Temple Health have the opportunity to work in one of the most progressive and forward-thinking environments in the world. At Temple, nurses participate in cutting-edge research and innovate in ways that translate directly to better patient outcomes. In addition, you'll find an exceptional environment to achieve all of your professional aspirations. Make Temple your choice and contribute directly to decisions that make a lasting impact!

Why Temple Health

Temple Health is an exciting academic, research-driven environment that revolves around world-class patient care. You'll be part of a team that includes renowned specialists and researchers who are passionate about pioneering new treatments and innovations.

Temple is increasingly renowned for high-quality care, unsurpassed clinical training and superlative research. Temple Health is for you.

Focused on Professional Growth

Temple University Hospital and Fox Chase Cancer Center are committed to professional growth for our nursing team. We're recognized by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as Magnet®-designated organizations. Temple is committed to nursing leadership, continuing education, career development, shared decision-making and the pursuit of exceptional patient outcomes.

Superior Benefits

Recruiting and retaining high-quality nurses requires a top-notch benefits package. At Temple, you'll enjoy:

  • Flexible scheduling accessible from anywhere
  • Daisy Award Program
  • Certifications, awards and reimbursement
  • Comprehensive orientation program
  • Competitive pay
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Family medical benefits
  • Nurse residency program (new-to-practice)

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We're committed to excellence in recruiting and hiring the best talent available. We're hiring nurses at all levels and would love to speak with you about career opportunities at Temple Health.

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Hear from Our Nurses

Pushing Your Career Forward

Pamela Barnes, RN

I’m relatively new to the field. I passed my state boards in 2013. Prior to that, I was a paralegal for 15 years. In my work with healthcare attorneys and risk management, I had a lot of conversations with nurses. That’s what made me realize that there are so many venues available to nurses and so many ways to touch lives. You can be a nurse in risk management, informatics, teaching, dialysis, the OR — there are endless possibilities!

That’s one of the things I like best about working at Temple. It’s a bigger institution and a teaching facility, so there’s lots of opportunity. The door is wide open here and the sky’s the limit if you want to continue your education, grow and develop. I’ve met many colleagues who are both working and completing their master's or doctorate.

As a nurse who’s new to Temple (I started in June), I’ve found the work environment very nurturing. Staff are always willing to help and are very warm and inviting in the OR. Management is attentive. Beyond the excellent benefits and pay that Temple offers, culture is important here, and that’s important to me.

- Pamela Barnes, RN
Operating Room, Temple University Hospital

The Opportunity to Learn — Hands-on

Jocel Pineda, BSN

I started at Temple Hospital in 2016 as a PCA. My husband has worked in the CSR department for about 9 years, so I knew it was a really good company. As I moved forward in my career I went elsewhere, but was eager to go back to Temple after I had gotten some nursing experience. I saw the difference at other places and really missed the nice people and diversity at Temple.

I’m in 5 West on the night shift. We do hands-on nursing — all the blood draws and everything. People really help out and we have good staffing. I’m lucky I’m in this group, because they’ve really got each other’s back and work as a team.

Besides the emphasis on team unity, as well as good pay and good staffing support, I would tell other nurses to consider Temple because of the opportunities to learn. I started as a PCA and then went to school. My full-time job helped me afford my education. Getting degrees will help you keep moving forward in your career, so it’s a really good place to work.

- Jocel Pineda, BSN, RN
Temple University Hospital

Patient Care Takes a Village — We Have Invested Villagers

Yelena Willingham, RN

I recently joined Temple Health in June after completing a 13-week contract at Episcopal through an agency. The decision to stay was easy, because the teamwork I experienced as an agency nurse was just incredible. I was welcomed as one of the staff very early on. I never once felt like an outsider.

At Episcopal, we just work together so seamlessly, pitching in as a true team with every aspect of nursing. My managers are very approachable, easily accessible, appreciative and accommodating. The effort they put in to meet the needs of their staff and the department does not go unnoticed.

Working in any hospital — let alone an Emergency Department for 12 hours a shift — is highly stressful. The one thing that can make or break your day is your team. A support system is so vital in nursing, and for me I've found a great support system in the staff on my unit. At Episcopal it takes a village, and our villagers are always checking in on one another, lending a hand, or an ear to listen. For me, that is one of the most important requirements when you're looking for a job. Teamwork and appreciation are factors that make people stay and broaden their career.

- Yelena Willingham, RN
Emergency Department, TUH-Episcopal Campus

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