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Ringing in the Ears and What to Do About It

As many as 60 million Americans have tinnitus. Help ease your tinnitus by educating yourself about the condition.

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How Do Chronic Conditions Affect the Balance System?

Take a few minutes to learn why it may be time for you or your loved one to visit an ENT doctor or audiologist.

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5 Fun and Easy-To-Use Apps for People with Hearing Loss

Check out these free programs and apps that help you practice your listening skills at home or on the go!

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The Warrior Within

When an inner-ear problem brought this extreme athlete to his knees, he turned to Temple for help.

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Oral, Head & Neck Cancer Awareness Week

Oral, head, and neck cancer is the sixth most common cause of cancer in the world.

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Five Ways to Maintain a Healthy Voice

If you rely on your voice more than the average person, these five habits can help you maintain good vocal hygiene.

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More Than Just a Dizzy Spell

If you’re constantly feeling as though the world is spinning or experiencing ringing in the ear, that’s not normal.

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Trans-Nasal Esophagoscopy

Dr. Nausheen Jamal answers frequently asked questions about trans-nasal esophagoscopy. 

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Temple Esophageal Program Director Featured On Health Matters with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

In a Q&A post about esophageal diverticulum, Dr. Smith discusses the risks associated with the condition.

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