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If You Have Diabetes, Protect Yourself from the Flu

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Posted by Real-World Diabetes Program

Flu season is approaching. For people with diabetes, it’s important to protect yourself from getting sick.

If you have diabetes, getting the flu can raise blood sugar levels. Diabetes can also make it difficult to recover from illness. The Center for Disease Control recommends that all people over six months old receive a flu vaccine each year, ideally by the end of October. Flu vaccines are provided at many doctors’ offices, clinics and pharmacies

In addition to an annual vaccine, ways to protect yourself from the flu include avoiding people who are sick and washing your hands frequently with warm, soapy water.

If you have diabetes and get the flu, follow the Get BETTER guidelines:

B – Be prepared and keep a sick-day record of blood sugars and medications
E – Extra fluids are recommended; water is best to keep hydrated
T – Test your blood sugar every two to three hours and record your levels in your log book
T – Take medications as prescribed
E – Eat and drink your usual amount of carbohydrate 
R – Rest

Keeping your blood sugar levels within a healthy range can help you recover from the flu more quickly.

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