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How Does My Voice Work?

Not many of us actually understand what is going on inside our body when we speak. Find out how your voice works.

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LPR: The "Silent" Version of Reflux

Don’t let the name fool you – it still causes symptoms! Check out the facts on this condition.

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Bone Anchored Hearing Systems

Temple's Dr. Maria Pomponio breaks down how to better understand this option for hearing loss.

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If You Have Diabetes, Protect Yourself from the Flu

If you have diabetes, getting the flu comes with extra risks. Follow these guidelines for a quick recovery.

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Cochlear Implants: Am I a Candidate?

Temple audiologists explain who is a candidate for a cochlear implant and what the next steps to take are.

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Cochlear Implants: How Are They Different from Hearing Aids?

Temple audiologists help you better understand the differences between a hearing aid and a cochlear implant.  

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Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Treatment Options

Dr. Jamal discusses the benefits of voice therapy being used in combination with proton pump inhibitors.

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Hearing Screening Events

The Temple Head & Neck Institute participated in several community outreach events throughout the Philadelphia area.

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Ringing in the Ears and What to Do About It

As many as 60 million Americans have tinnitus. Help ease your tinnitus by educating yourself about the condition.

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