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6 Reasons to Schedule Your Mammogram Now

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Make your health a priority – schedule a mammogram today.

Posted by Temple Health

Few things are more important to a woman’s preventative health than a regular mammogram. Still, often, it gets overlooked, forgotten, or placed at the bottom of the priority list behind other family members’ health needs or a super long to-do list.

A mammogram is a simple screening that can help your doctor spot signs of breast cancer long before you notice any changes in your breasts. It is crucial preventative care to ensure that you remain healthy and able to care for your family for many years to come. Protect your health and schedule a mammogram today!

If you haven’t already, these six reasons may help convince you to schedule your mammogram:

  1. You can have breast cancer even if you haven’t felt a lump; sometimes, they are too small to feel or deep inside your breast. Mammograms use low-dose X-rays showing lumps and other breast changes cancer can cause before they can be felt.
  2. Your chance of surviving breast cancer is much better if the cancer is found early. According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, the five-year survival rate is 99% if the cancer is found before it spreads outside the breast. If found early, your doctor may only need to remove the lump instead of the entire breast.
  3. Your chance of getting breast cancer could be higher if someone in your family has cancer. If your mother, daughter, or sister had breast cancer, your risk could be nearly double. Remember, however, that you can also get breast cancer even if no one in your family has ever had it.
  4. The older you are, the higher your risk of breast cancer. You can get breast cancer at any age, but it’s more likely to happen as you age. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that most breast cancers occur in women over 50. The American Cancer Society® suggests starting yearly breast cancer screenings between ages 40 to 44.
  5. Besides age and family history, other things may increase your risk. According to the CDC, factors that may raise your risk of breast cancer are dense breasts, having breast cancer in the past, radiation treatment of the chest or breasts, starting your period before age 12, or starting menopause after age 55. Talk to your doctor about your risk factors.
  6. Mammograms are quick and easy. Getting a mammogram usually takes only 30 minutes or less. Most screening facilities offer a choice of appointment times, so you can select a time that’s most convenient for you. You might be able to get a screening during your lunch hour, before or after work, or on the weekend.

Make your health a priority and schedule your mammogram today.

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