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Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Temple’s vascular and endovascular surgeons provides comprehensive vascular care for patients with all stages and types of peripheral circulatory disease, from diagnosis to treatment to medical disease management. Temple’s vascular surgeons specialize in minimally invasive and endovascular procedures to diagnose and treat aneurysms, hardened or blocked arteries, blood clots, varicose veins, and compromised blood flow to the brain, intestines and kidneys. Our team manages the entire care process, working with the patient to make sure they understand the benefits and risks of each treatment option, while coordinating consultations with specialists such as podiatrists and nephrologists and providing long-term follow-up if necessary.

Treatments for vascular disease depend on the type, location and severity of the condition. Temple’s vascular surgeons may also recommend lifestyle changes or blood pressure medications to improve a patient’s condition.

Why Temple?

With advanced training in vascular and endovascular surgery and experience with some of the most innovative techniques, our board-certified surgeons can diagnose and treat patients with many vascular conditions. In addition to their demonstrated proficiency in limb preservation, aneurysm repair, and stroke and clot prevention, Temple’s vascular surgeons perform minimally invasive and endovascular treatments whenever possible; this approach allows for earlier intervention and often leads to fewer complications and a faster recovery. By managing the entire care process, Temple specialists strive to provide a seamless experience for patients and their families.

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