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Total Artificial Heart

If a patient’s whole heart is damaged to the point where it cannot regain its function, Temple offers the SynCardia Total Artificial Heart as an option. This device is implanted in place of the damaged heart (which is removed) and replaces it completely.

The artificial heart may be used to extend life for patients waiting for a donor heart, or for patients whose heart no longer works but who are not eligible for a heart transplant. The device is implanted in a procedure similar to a heart transplant, and powered by a driver device outside the body.

Restoring proper blood flow throughout the body improves fitness and quality of life. If the patient is eligible for a heart transplant, they may thus experience fewer complications (such as failure in other organs) that might threaten transplant success.

Conditions Treated

Why Temple?

When the heart fails, Temple offers advanced treatments to extend life and improve a patient’s condition, even when transplantation is not an option. Our cardiovascular surgeons are skilled at implanting the artificial heart, and because they also perform heart transplants, they are highly qualified to evaluate the available options based on a patient’s situation. Our multidisciplinary care team helps patients prepare and recover from surgery and manage life with an artificial heart for enhanced well-being.

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