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Stiffness and pain in the joints, muscles and bones can make everyday activities much harder. Most people have aches and pains once in a while, but when that pain sticks around or starts limiting your daily activities, it may be time to see a rheumatologist. These specialists are trained to diagnose and treat diseases in the musculoskeletal or immune systems that cause pain and inflammation.

Whether you’re facing an autoimmune disorder, arthritis or fibromyalgia, our rheumatic specialists can help to restore mobility and function, improving your overall quality of life.

Specialty Care for Lupus

People with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease that can affect many parts of the body, often need specialized treatment to minimize their symptoms, reduce inflammation and pain and prevent organ damage. Because lupus is a complex condition that involves many bodily systems, our rheumatologists work closely with nephrologists (kidney specialists) in a specialized weekly Lupus Clinic and monthly Nephritis Clinic.

Patients at our Lupus Clinic have access to experts in lupus and the full range of specialists needed to manage this challenging disease. We focus treatments on minimizing symptoms, reducing inflammation and pain and preventing the development of critical organ damage. The Temple Lupus Clinic also offers lupus patients access to cutting-edge multinational clinical trials. Turning to a close-knit team with a deep understanding of lupus means you’ll get specialized treatment that’s right for you.

Conditions Treated

Temple doctors are skilled at diagnosing and treating a wide array of rheumatology conditions:

Treatment Options

As complex disorders, rheumatic conditions require specialized treatment. To help you maintain your function and well-being, our team offers a variety of medications and therapies up to and including surgery. In some cases, biological and other intravenous therapies are recommended. We operate a convenient on-site Infusion Center to administer these medicines as safely as possible.

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