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Lupus Program

Lupus — also referred to as systemic lupus erythematosus — is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes your immune system to attack your own body’s healthy cells and tissues. Over time, inflammation caused by the disease takes a toll on your vital organs and systems, including your skin, joints, kidneys, heart, lungs, central nervous system and blood vessels.

There is no specific test to detect lupus and symptoms tend to come and go in varying degrees of severity. Because of this, it can sometimes take months or even years to diagnose.

When Experience Matters, Trust a Specialized Team

The Temple Lupus Program was developed to focus exclusively on the diagnosis, treatment and long-term management of this complex condition. Because lupus tends to affect many different systems within your body, treatment requires specialized knowledge, highly developed care processes and an expansive clinical network.

Our Lupus team is led by Dr. Phillip L. Cohen, who has extensive training in lupus care. He also works closely with Temple nephrologists (kidney specialists) and an entire host of multidisciplinary specialists. This group of dedicated specialists works tirelessly to deliver personalized treatment plans focused exclusively on the unique needs of lupus patients.

Dedicated to Finding Promising New Lupus Therapies

The Lupus team actively participates in innovative multinational lupus clinical trials, funded by the National Institutes of Health, Lupus Research Alliance and a number of pharmaceutical companies.

Learn more about lupus clinical trials and research >

Treatment Options

Currently, there is no cure for lupus, but over the years advancements have made it possible for people to manage their disease effectively in partnership with an experienced healthcare team. Temple offers advanced diagnostic tests and treatments based on the most updated international guidelines. Approved and off-label treatments focus on minimizing symptoms and recurrence of flares, reducing pain and inflammation and preventing the development of life-threatening organ damage.

In addition to medical management of lupus, Temple rheumatologists can help to coordinate care for the treatment of other conditions associated with lupus.

Patient Resources

Respected professional organizations have published a wealth of information on lupus. Patients and their caregivers may find these local and national resources helpful:

  • Lupus Foundation of America (LFA), Philadelphia Tri-State Chapter — works with lupus experts and informed volunteers to improve the quality of life of people with lupus through advocacy, awareness efforts, and consistent support of cutting-edge research.
  • The Lupus Initiative — a national program of the American College of Rheumatology to engage patients and the medical community in further researching treatments and preventive measures for lupus.
  • Lupus Research Alliance — the largest private funder for lupus research and awareness, as well as a non-profit source of information on the subject.
  • Lupus Support Group — Hosted by LFA, people with lupus, their family members, caregivers and loved ones share experiences, methods of coping and insights into living with chronic illness.

To schedule an appointment with the Lupus Program, request an appointment online or call 800-TEMPLE-MED (800-836-7536).