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Chronic Bronchitis Treatment Options

There are many ways to treat chronic bronchitis. Usually, your doctor will use a number of them at the same time. They commonly include:

Lifestyle Changes

  • Smoking cessation — the main cause of chronic bronchitis is usually smoking. Because of this, your doctor will strongly recommend that you quit.
  • Nutrition — it can be hard to get enough nutrition if you have chronic bronchitis. Because you may find breathing difficult, you may be discouraged from eating. Your doctor may connect you with a registered dietitian to help you maintain adequate nutrition.
  • Exercise — exercise can help you immensely in strengthening the muscles you use to breathe. Your doctor can help you decide what kinds of exercise would benefit you most.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation — sometimes a doctor suggests pulmonary rehab to chronic bronchitis patients. It uses a lot of different methods to help you keep your condition under control.


  • Anti-inflammatories — these are drugs that can reduce swelling in your airways and make it easier to breathe
  • Could include long-acting bronchodilators, antibiotics, and/or roflumilast

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