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Virtual Lung Transplant Support Group

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Join Our Lung Transplant Support Group Online

This support group is held on the 4th Tuesday of every month. Join the Microsoft Teams meeting on your computer or mobile app to attend.

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Our Lung Transplant Support Group offers members the chance to share about their lung transplant journey with others and to learn more about lung disease and the lung transplant process and recovery. Many who attend are comforted by the knowledge that they're not alone.

This free therapeutic group is open to all individuals, regardless of where they receive their care, following an eligibility determination. Those eligible for this group include:

  • People under evaluation for a lung transplant
  • Transplant candidates
  • Post-transplant recipients

Family members are also encouraged to attend. Please call 215-707-1722 if you have any questions. This monthly meeting is hosted by Temple Clinical Psychologist Nancy Ciccolella, PsyD.