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Why Does My Back Hurt?

Learn the differences between degenerated, bulging and herniated disc-related back pain problems.

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Quiz: Which of These Helps Prevent Heartburn?

More than 60 million Americans suffer from heartburn at least once a month. Take this quiz to see what may help ease your symptoms.

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CTEPH Surgery Gave Me My Life Back

After a life-changing operation at Temple Health, my 10-year struggle with breathlessness and fatigue caused by CTEPH finally ended.

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Hip Replacement 101 - What Are Your Options?

Thinking about hip replacement? Here are some things you need to know.

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8 Facts About High Cholesterol

Find out why regular cholesterol checks are essential to maintain your heart health.

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4 Things to Know About Tracheobronchomalacia

Learn why you shouldn’t ignore that barking cough.

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5 Things to Know About Bariatric Surgery and Fertility

Having weight-loss surgery may help women and birthing people who are struggling to conceive.

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Learn When to Get Help for Back Pain

Back pain often goes away on its own with some simple treatments, but sometimes it needs medical attention.

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5 Tips on How to Ask For a Living Kidney Donation

Asking someone to donate a kidney is difficult. Here are some ways to make the conversation go easier.

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