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How to Know If You Have a Hip Injury

Athletes are particularly prone to overuse injuries, but anyone who is active can get them. If your hips hurt, the culprit might be an overuse injury caused by one of these 5 conditions.

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Can Hot Weather Affect Your Heart?

When temperatures rise, your heart has to work harder. If your heart isn’t functioning optimally, it makes it harder to stay cool. Learn more and find out what to do if you have signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

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9 Ways to Avoid IBS Symptoms

No matter what type of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms you have or how often they occur, these tips may help you better manage those symptoms and understand your triggers.

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How Can I Protect My Kidneys from High Blood Pressure?

Lowering your blood pressure will help you avoid kidney damage and may slow the progression of kidney disease. Follow these steps to help protect your kidneys, and learn when you should see a specialist.

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When to Take Your Child to Urgent Care for ENT Problems

How do you know when your child's ENT problem requires a visit to a doctor or specialist — or when you can just treat it at home? Here are general guidelines for deciding whether to see a doctor.

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Why Do I Keep Coughing?

The slightest cough may cause immediate alarm since it's a common COVID-19 symptom, but there are many other reasons you may cough. We help break down what could be the source of your cough, and what you should do about it once it starts.

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How Do You Take Care of Someone with ALS?

A diagnosis of ALS affects loved ones, too. Find out what to expect if you’re going to be a caregiver for someone with ALS, and how to make sure you’re caring for yourself in the process.

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What Health Screenings Do Women Need?

If you haven't kept up with your routine medical visits, whether due to the pandemic or for other reasons, now is the time to schedule those appointments. View this list of important health screenings suggested for women at various ages.

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6 Reasons for Summer ER Visits and How to Avoid Common Injuries and Illness

Every year, emergency room visits across the country spike as temperatures rise and people spend more time outdoors. Learn how to avoid common injuries and illness, and when to go to urgent care versus the ER.

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