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How to Compare Hospitals: A Quick Guide

When you need care for a health condition, it’s not always easy knowing where to go. Use this quick guide for help.

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6 Tips for Pet Lovers to Manage Asthma & Allergy Symptoms

Is your furry friend triggering your asthma and allergies? Consider these strategies to help manage your symptoms.

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Destination Temple Health: Caribbean Physicians Observe Care at Our Hospitals

Global physicians and surgeons met in Philadelphia for an intensive, one-week clinical observership experience.

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How Do Chronic Conditions Affect the Balance System? Part 2

Temple audiologists discuss how kidney disease and thyroid disease can cause balance problems.

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Q&A: Making a Decision about Heart Transplantation

They say that knowledge is power, so check out this post to learn all about heart transplant surgery.

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Why a Lung Disease Diagnosis Warrants a Second Opinion

Seeking a second opinion when you are diagnosed with a lung disease should be a serious consideration. Here’s why.

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Cardiac Devices Get Smaller and Smaller

Designing and building smaller medical implants isn’t a new idea. Patients have already benefited in major ways.

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A Second Opinion Brings a Second Chance for PH Patient

Read Colleen's story to learn about a special day within the ICU of Temple University Hospital.  

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Organ Donation: The Greatest Gift, at the Hardest Time

To those patients who lost their lives and chose organ donation, and to their families, we say thank you.

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