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Strategies to Help With Emotional Healing After a Burn

Recovery from a burn injury involves more than just physical healing. It requires emotional healing to feel more confident with social encounters.

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Women: Speak Up About Stress Urinary Incontinence

Worrying that you might lose control of your bladder is stressful. But treatment can help you regain control.

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How to Compare Hospitals: A Quick Guide

When you need care for a health condition, it’s not always easy knowing where to go. Use this quick guide for help.

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What MAGNET Status Means for Temple and Our Patients

Nurses at Magnet® hospitals often spend more time at their patients’ bedsides and provide more one-on-one care. That type of personal attention plays a big part in aiding recovery.

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What Makes a Teaching Hospital Different?

A teaching hospital offers some points of difference that may be of interest to you. Check them out in this post. 

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