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Retired Philadelphia Police Officer George Is Living Lung Cancer-Free

When George found out he had cancer in his left lung, he was shocked. He didn't have any pain or symptoms. In this Q&A, find out more and what he wants others to know about his experience.

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How Would I Know If I Had Sleep Apnea?

If it seems like you’re always tired during the day or you often wake up with a headache, you could have sleep apnea. Learn more about common symptoms and when it's time to seek help.

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A Leader in Transplanting Patients with Post-COVID Lung Failure

In this Q&A, Dr. Shigemura talks about the complexity of transplanting patients with post-COVID lung failure, and how Temple has taken a national lead in giving them a second chance at life.

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Lung Transplant After COVID-19: What Patients Need to Know

For people with severe COVID-19, sometimes the only life-saving option is a lung transplant. Learn more from Dr. Patrick Mulhall who has seen firsthand the difference a lung transplant can make.

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Why Do I Keep Coughing?

The slightest cough may cause immediate alarm since it's a common COVID-19 symptom, but there are many other reasons you may cough. We help break down what could be the source of your cough, and what you should do about it once it starts.

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Providing Next-Level Care for Severe Asthma

After seeing patients with severe, uncontrolled asthma who didn’t find relief from their current medications, Dr. Shenoy established a dedicated severe asthma program. Learn more about his efforts to help these patients regain control of their lives in this Q&A.

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Is It OK to Exercise with Allergies?

Allergies don't have to stop you from exercising outside or enjoying your favorite outdoor sport. These 9 tips will help you exercise more comfortably during allergy season.

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5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy COPD Diet

Explore what to eat, what to avoid, and tips for maintaining good nutrition while living with COPD from Registered Dietitian Kirsten Diegel.

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Understanding the Impact of Pulmonary Research

For pulmonary research, Temple is part of an elite cohort of institutions that are able to perform research on a high level. Learn more in this Q&A with Dr. Victor Kim.

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