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Pulmonary Embolism: Know the Signs of a Blood Clot

Find out how leg pain could signal a lung emergency.

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Should You Participate in a Lung Disease Clinical Trial?

Learn the benefits of a clinical trial for lung disease and how to enroll in one.

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Pulmonary Rehab: The Facts Behind 5 Myths

Learn the truths about participating in pulmonary rehab.

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5 Things You Should Know About Bronchiectasis

If your chronic cough produces a lot of mucus, it could be a sign of this rare lung condition.

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What People with Sleep Apnea Need to Know About Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome

At least 1 in 12 people with sleep apnea may also have obesity hypoventilation syndrome — and they may not know it. Here’s why that matters.

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The Truth About 5 Common COPD Myths

Do you know the facts about this common lung disease?

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What Can a Chest Health Screening Tell You?

A low-dose CT scan can spot a variety of chest-area conditions, and more people are now eligible for the scan through insurance.

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Living Better with a Chronic Illness: My Journey with Sarcoidosis

Learn how one woman manages her sarcoidosis and lives a full life with the help of her Temple Health team.

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Can You Inherit a Risk for COPD?

About 80% of people who have a type of protein deficiency called AAT deficiency develop COPD.

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