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CTEPH Surgery Gave Me My Life Back

After a life-changing operation at Temple Health, my 10-year struggle with breathlessness and fatigue caused by CTEPH finally ended.

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4 Things to Know About Tracheobronchomalacia

Learn why you shouldn’t ignore that barking cough.

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How to Prevent COPD Flare-Ups

Check out these 8 tips to help you avoid worsening COPD symptoms and how to spot a flare-up.

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Can Asthma Symptoms Be Something Else?

A variety of conditions can cause breathing problems, including conditions that aren’t lung-related like GERD and postnasal drip. Getting your diagnosis right means better treatment.

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The Surprising Facts About Women and COPD

Learn how this common lung disease presents differently in women than in men.

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5 Ways to Breathe Easier with COPD

Living with COPD? Learn how to improve your breathing and slow the progression of COPD with advice from a Temple pulmonologist.

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Retired Philadelphia Police Officer George Is Living Lung Cancer-Free

When George found out he had cancer in his left lung, he was shocked. He didn't have any pain or symptoms. In this Q and A, find out more and what he wants others to know about his experience.

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How Would I Know If I Had Sleep Apnea?

If it seems like you’re always tired during the day or you often wake up with a headache, you could have sleep apnea. Learn more about common symptoms and when it's time to seek help.

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A Leader in Transplanting Patients with Post-COVID Lung Failure

In this Q&A, Dr. Shigemura talks about the complexity of transplanting patients with post-COVID lung failure, and how Temple has taken a national lead in giving them a second chance at life.

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