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Organ Donation: The Greatest Gift, at the Hardest Time

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Posted by Temple Health

To those patients who lost their lives and chose organ donation, and to their families who chose to honor their loved ones’ spirits through organ donation, we say thank you. Through donating their own or their loved ones’ organs, they made it possible for other patients to live.

We thank them on behalf of the ones they saved, the patients who got a second chance because of their gift — truly, the gift of life. We thank them on behalf of our team here at Temple, who have the honor of caring for both donors and recipients.

A Sense of Comfort

When someone you love dies, there’s almost no way to express the heartbreak, pain and shock (even if the death comes at the end of a long illness.) Sometimes, those mourning a loved one may struggle with thoughts about how to find anything positive in what seems an unrelentingly negative event. Those are perfectly normal feelings,  but there is a way to bring a little meaning to this seemingly senseless loss of life — allow your loved one’s organs to be donated if he or she hasn’t already specified that choice.

The person you loved has died, but their heart, their lungs, their eyes, their other organs can save the lives of many others.

Learn About Organ Donation

It’s so important to learn about organ donation. We hope that by spreading the word about this courageous choice, more people will choose this important option, saving lives at the end of their own.

To learn more about organ donation, visit the Gift of Life Donor Program website.

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