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What Are Signs of Concussion?

Recognizing when an athlete may have a head injury and knowing what to do if you suspect concussion can be the difference in whether they suffer long-term effects, or fully recover.

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How Do You Take Care of Someone with ALS?

A diagnosis of ALS affects loved ones, too. Find out what to expect if you’re going to be a caregiver for someone with ALS, and how to make sure you’re caring for yourself in the process.

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6 Reasons for Summer ER Visits and How to Avoid Common Injuries and Illness

Every year, emergency room visits across the country spike as temperatures rise and people spend more time outdoors. Learn how to avoid common injuries and illness, and when to go to urgent care versus the ER.

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Your COVID Vaccine Card: 5 Things You Should Know

Although it’s not necessary to show your vaccination card in public right now, it’s important to keep it safe. Here are answers to commonly asked questions after receiving your vaccine card.

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9 Organ Donation Facts and Where to Register

You may have heard some positives and negatives about being an organ donor. Transplant surgeon Dr. Antonio Di Carlo explains the facts about organ donation, and how you can register.

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Understanding the Impact of Pulmonary Research

For pulmonary research, Temple is part of an elite cohort of institutions that are able to perform research on a high level. Learn more in this Q&A with Dr. Victor Kim.

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The Science Behind the COVID-19 Vaccines

The COVID-19 vaccines were developed historically fast — less than 1 year from start to finish! But the fast timeline has raised questions about whether the vaccines are safe and if they were tested long enough. Researcher Glenn Rall, PhD, explains the science.

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Is It Safe to Go to the Doctor?

Worried about visiting your doctor? These 7 tips will help you catch up on important care and screenings while keeping you as safe as possible.

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COVID-19 Vaccines: Are There Differences?

Two COVID-19 vaccines are authorized for use in the U.S. and a few others are on the way. Here are answers to common questions about the differences of each vaccine, from Temple Infectious Disease Specialist Heather Clauss, MD.

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