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Diabetes in the Summer Heat

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Posted by Real-World Diabetes Program

For most people, summer is the time of year for relaxing on the beach, barbecuing in the backyard or lounging by the pool.

It’s hard to enjoy those seasonal activities if you are living with diabetes because the heat can make it difficult to manage the disease. Dehydration, sweating and sunburn can lead to higher blood sugar levels. Heat can also affect medication and testing supplies. 

Use these tips to help control your blood sugar on hot summer days:

  • Drink plenty of water! Avoid sugary beverages, which can make blood sugar levels even higher.
  • Stay active, but be prepared. Physical activity can lead to high or low blood sugar. Check your blood sugar before and after exercising and be sure to carry water and snacks. 
  • Wear sunscreen! Sunburn is a stress on the body, which can raise sugar levels.
  • Keep your medication and testing supplies in a cool place. Heat can make medication and supplies less effective; try storing it in a lunch box with an ice pack. 

Talk to your healthcare provider if you have any questions about coping with diabetes during summer weather. By taking proper precautions, you can enjoy summer and take part in festivities worry-free. 

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