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Diabetes Goals for the New Year

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Posted by Real-World Diabetes Program

Happy, Healthy New Year!

Have you thought about how you’re going to better manage your diabetes in 2018? Here are a few activities to consider:

Check Your Blood Sugar

Without checking, it's hard to tell how medication, food and stress affect your blood sugar levels. Checking at least one to two times per day and recording your numbers in a log book can help you spot patterns. Follow your doctor’s recommendations for how many times per day to check; you may be advised to check more often if you are on certain medications.

Take Your Medication

Diabetes medication is prescribed to help lower blood sugar levels. There are many medications that work in different ways. It’s important to understand how your medication works, how much to take and the possible side effects. If you have questions about your medication, ask your pharmacist or call your doctor.

Lower Your A1C

The American Diabetes Association recommends lowering your A1c (three-month average blood sugar) to less than 7%. An A1c of less than 7% equates to an average blood sugar of less than 155 mg/dl. Achieving this will help to prevent or reduce complications from diabetes. Have you had your A1c checked within the past few months? If not, consider scheduling a follow-up with your doctor.

Change Your Lifestyle

Blood sugar levels are impacted by many things, such as food, medications, physical activity, stress and other lifestyle habits. When working toward a healthier lifestyle (quitting smoking, being more active, reducing sugary beverages), choose small, realistic goals. Small goals over time add up to big accomplishments!

Make an Appointment with a Certified Diabetes Educator

What better way to start the New Year than to refresh your diabetes knowledge with an individual appointment or group classes!

If you are interested in diabetes and nutrition education, call the Temple Diabetes Program today at 215-926-3780.

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