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6 Reasons to Join a Bariatric Support Group

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Posted by Temple Health

Statistics show that patients who attend bariatric support group meetings after their surgery have more success losing weight and maintaining that loss. No matter how committed you are to changing your lifestyle after surgery, facing these changes alone can be challenging.

Temple’s monthly bariatric support groups

Developed and led by our own bariatric specialists and dietitians, these 1.5 hour meetings offer education and encouragement to help guide you toward success. Our team is proud to present you with:

  • Group discussion covering topics most important to you
  • Educational materials designed to help you manage the inevitable ups and downs
  • Special activities to keep you engaged and motivated
  • Guest speakers who share their own tips on how to succeed at bariatric weight loss

In addition, our Bariatric Patient Facebook Group offers daily connection with helpful resources and success stories from others who are learning every day.

Why join a bariatric support group?

  • Stay motivated after the “honeymoon” weight loss period has leveled off
  • Reinforce that you’re not alone and others may be going through similar struggles
  • Share stories and information regarding your journey to better health
  • Get support for new behavioral skills when it comes to dealing with stress, anger, anxiety and other emotions that may have driven you to eat in the past
  • Receive encouragement and guidance on how to manage your diet
  • Enjoy a little healthy competition (if he can do it, so can I)

Support groups vary among centers. Some are led by patients, others by healthcare facilitators. Many offer guest speakers who present on topics such as exercise and plastic surgery. Some hold monthly clothing swaps and/or food demonstrations. Larger programs may have tailored support groups for each type of surgery.

Additional support groups can also be found online. Be aware that many Web-based resources are run by former bariatric surgery patients, and not healthcare professionals. Be sure to use them as a supplement to, but not in place of, the information and support provided by your bariatric team.

Finally, remember that seeking out support is not a sign of weakness. Quite the opposite, it signals that you are being realistic about the weight loss challenges facing you.

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