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Robotic Urologic Surgery

At Temple Health, our urologists are considered regional and national leaders in robotic urologic surgery. Temple Health is a leader in the mid-Atlantic region in robotic surgery, helping other urology programs in the area with their most difficult cases and teaching advanced robotic techniques to urologists. 

We routinely perform complex robotic urology surgery that is not offered or cannot be performed anywhere else in the region, including other tertiary referral hospitals and academic medical centers.

Treatment Options

There are many advantages of robotic surgery. We offer a variety of minimally invasive, robotic urology surgery procedures to help our patients regain urinary, sexual and reproductive function as well as their quality of life. Our team performs the following procedures: 


Part of the kidney called the renal pelvis is surgically deconstructed to decompress and drain the affected kidney.

Simple prostatectomy

For very large prostate glands in which patients experience urinary obstruction or retention, a portion of the prostate gland is removed.  Temple Health currently has developed a unique version of this operation and currently have the largest robotic simple prostatectomy experience worldwide.

Bladder diverticulectomy

In patients with long-term prostate obstruction, the bladder can develop an unhealthy outpouching (diverticulum) that can then worsen urinary problems such as development of bladder stones, urinary tract infections and urinary retention. The bladder diverticulum can be robotically removed and  this will often be combined with surgery on the prostate to relieve the obstruction.

Radical cystectomy
Radical nephrectomy
Partial nephrectomy
Ureteral reconstructive surgery (Ureterolysis)

The ureter is reconstructed or released due to an obstruction, tumor, scar, radiation or injury. In some cases the ureter is repaired or reimplanted. In some cases a segment of bowel or appendix can be substituted to enable drainage.  At Temple Health, we have pioneered many new techniques such as the use of cheek tissue (buccal mucosa) free grafts to repair patients with complex urethral blockages and injuries.  Temple Health is one the only center in the Delaware Valley that routinely performs complex ureteral reconstructive procedures and we are one of the busiest ureteral reconstruction centers worldwide. 

Heart from our patients

Temple patient's wife, Katie

Katie's husband had a family history of prostate cancer and when his PSA began to rise quickly, they knew he would require surgery.

Advanced Training in Robotic Urologic Surgery 

At Temple Health, our urologists have the training, experience and technology to successfully perform robotic urologic surgery. 

Our robotic urologic surgery program is led by one of the nation's authorities on minimally invasive treatments for urologic cancer and reconstructive surgeries of the:

  • Adrenal gland
  • Bladder
  • Kidney
  • Prostate
  • Testis
  • Ureter

Our team has performed more than 2,000 various robotic surgeries and routinely evaluates and operates on the most complicated and high-risk patients, many of whom come to us from locations that are hours away. 

Many of these patients are morbidly obese, have multiple prior operations or prior radiation, and have been told by their surgeons that a minimally invasive operation is not a good option. 

Surgeons from across the world attend our training sessions to learn about the newest robotic standards.

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